Vince Bailey Lawyer provides expert legal services in:

  • private wealth succession planning
  • SMSF & superannuation succession planning
  • family trusts succession planning
  • testamentary discretionary trusts
  • wills
  • enduring powers of attorney
  • advance health directives
  • guardianship plans
  • business succession planning for primary producers & business proprietors
  • business structuring for wealth protection and tax efficiency

Vince Bailey Lawyer will advise on:

  • the most appropriate will provisions to accommodate the needs of your family and loved ones
  • who may make a claim against your estate
  • whether you should set up testamentary trusts
  • when beneficiaries should get control of their inheritances
  • how to protect your family's wealth from generation to generation
  • how to properly structure your enduring power of attorney
  • whether you need an advance health directive
  • whether your business and investment structures align with your estate planning objectives
  • whether you need a business succession plan and funding arrangements to protect your business and your family if a business partner dies or becomes permanently disabled